I change up where I go

What makes this country so great is that there is competition.

This free market economy affords us choices, so we can select which corporations are better than others.

It may be better by service, price point, or products they have. But, all people have an opportunity to compete in the market. I take my job as a consumer truly seriously, and typically search around as much as possible. If it is a new pair of shoes or a carton of cigarettes, you better guess I will get the best price out there. It isn’t all about cost, though, is it? The kind of item you purchase is of equal importance, so really it’s a matter of getting the best kind for the best price. The same is true for cannabis dispensaries, which are identical in many ways, but still have variances between them. I search around for my cannabis just like I do anything else, and have more than two different marijuana dispensaries that I visit typically. What I buy, and when, is determined by what I find, plus what sort of special deals a cannabis dispensary may be having at any given time. I don’t have a store loyalty to 1 certain cannabis shop, although I am friendly, plus well known, at all of the ones that I visit. Since the COVID-19 thing happened, every 1 of them typically offers their free marijuana delivery, although I typically will not do this. If I can’t go into the store plus peak at the marijuana products myself, I might be missing out on a fantastic deal.


Cannabis delivery service