I just won’t smoke it then

I truly like a nice long drag of weed, especially now that I’m older.

  • It truly helps with the aches and pains.

My girlfriend Wendy has never truly supported our marijuana use. I met her after marijuana became legal in this state. Wendy pretty much just pretended that I did not smoke pot. With this coronavirus going around, Wendy has started getting on me about smoking marijuana. She keeps sending me blogs about how smoking increases your risk for the virus. She’s also started truly bugging me about it. It’s starting to get on my last nerves. Finally, I promised that I would try to quit smoking. I was entirely careful with our words. I did not say I would stop using legal marijuana products. I said I would try to quit smoking. So I headed down to our legal marijuana shop and asked them about some of the other marijuana options. I was pretty excited that they have some of my regular strains in other products like edibles and topicals. I also cna get cannabis oil if I want and vape it. I decided to give some of these marijuana products a try and, true to our word, I did not buy any straight up buds. My girlfriend was not entirely thrilled when she saw what I bought. This just reaffirmed my belief that it wasn’t the virus she is afraid of. She doesn’t want me using marijuana at all. It helps me out and I don’t care what she thinks.

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