My nana goes to the dispensary

Recently, my entire family has decided that nana should no longer be in the car.

Nana got into a small accident a month back and she got into another one just recently.

In all honesty, her driving has been getting worse and worse over the last few years. Fortunately, she agreed with us that we have to take away her keys. I know Nana is starting to understand that she shouldn’t be driving. So now her family members are driving her wherever she needs to go. I did not think much of it when nana called me on Thursday and asked me to take her to the store. I knew that my dad had just taken her to the store the afternoon before, and that she had gotten a lot of stuff, but I wasn’t doing anything anyway. I did not mind taking her if she wanted to go. So I loaded up Nana and I headed toward her regular market! That’s when she told me that she wanted to go to a different store. She directed me and I was surprised that we went to a legal marijuana dispensary‚Ķ At first I thought I had the wrong place however then nana got right out of the automobile like she knew where she was and started walking in. Once inside, she bought a number of marijuana items and then turned to me and asked if I wanted something too. I took her up on her offer and got some edibles. After that, I drove her back home. I just had no idea that nana used weed for chronic pain!


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