Sharing our cannabis

My childhood friend Avi saved me from a real pickle.

After my boss closed his doors a few weeks into the pandemic, I had no way to pay for rent, food and utilities.

I was this close to doing the unthinkable plus moving in with my folks, but thankfully my friend Avi swooped in plus saved me. Avi had a small shack on her property, plus although it needed some fixing up I was welcome to stay there as long as needed, free of cost. I was deeply grateful, because my folks are a nightmare, but that’s a story for another day. My first day staying there with Avi, she caught me smoking a water pipe out back. Avi asked if it was medicinal marijuana. I thought about lying to her, but told the truth, that it was not legally bought medicinal marijuana, it was the illegal kind. She just laughed at that, plus took a pull off the pipe, plus explained how I should start using the marijuana dispensary in town. That’s where I get all my CBD oil plus cannabis products she told me, plus I was literally blown away by this news. Avi never smelled like cannabis, or had the products out. She uses a vape pen to consume her THC content. After all of us finished my cannabis flower off my pipe, she handed me the vape that had oil in it. The oil was a lot stronger than I thought, but I liked it.


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