The store is right in town now!

A new legal cannabis store just opened up a street from my house.

I suppose they were all kinds of petitions to try to keep it from starting up in this quaint town. I know the petitions failed because here the store sits. Honestly, I do not mind the legal cannabis store being here. I refused to sign the papers when my neighbors came to our door and asked for me to do it. I know this infuriated them a little bit. Ever since I refused to sign the paper, I’ve been getting some odd looks from some of our neighbors. I suppose word got out that I am a druggie or something. I will tell you, I do partake in legal weed from time to time. I used to have to drive about 20 minutes away to get our legal cannabis. Now, I can just walk to the shop! Of course, I can feel that my friends are unhappy with me when I do walk to the store. I do not care. I’m too old to care. Besides, I’ve seen a few of my buddies go to the store too. They look away when they see me but I do not know what has everyone so upset, cannabis is legal now. This up-to-date store is truly nice as well. They have all sorts of marijuana strains and you can even order the products on the computer and they’ll take them out to your automobile for you. I’ve seen a few of our friends doing that too. I know they are embarrassed to be seen in the store. It does not matter, I know weed is good for a lot of things.

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