Vape lounge by the dog park

I’m super pumped! They opened a local weed store right next to the dog park.

  • I take my dog to the dog park almost every friday after work.

I have to in order to burn off some of her energy. But, that time of day, I have almost no energy left. I just want to relax and get prepared to go to sleep. I usually end up browsing online and watching my dog. Almost everyday I wish I had brought a little bit of pot with me to help me kick back. I always forget to do that though. Yesterday, I was, once more, wishing that I had brought some pot with me when I looked across the street and noticed a weed shop had opened up. It hadn’t been there before. At least, I do not think it had. I dashed across and searched through their supply. They had a lot of vapes, bongs and pipes. There were oils, edibles and topicals. I decided to make use of the dab bar and vape lounge while I was there. My dog was being watched anyway. After I got sufficiently baked, I headed back to my dog park. I have to say, It was a great evening. I know I’m going to start doing this more often. Maybe even every friday I will head over. There is no reason that both me and my dog cannot burn off some of the day’s stress together. She does that by running around like crazy with other pups. I can then smoke a little bit in the lounge and then pick her up. I might try some new stuff while I am there too.

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