Where to start?

I know my friend thinks that I disapprove of her recreational marijuana use. I know she uses the stuff. I can smell it on her. But she never has any marijuana products around when I come to visit. A few times I’ve shown up when she wasn’t expecting it, she always quickly hides everything as though I’m her mom or something. The real idea is, I’ve been hoping to try legal recreational marijuana myself but I do not get where to start. I do not want to just go to a cannabis shop and feel dumb asking a bunch of stupid questions. So I finally decided that I would ask my buddy for some assistance. Of course, when I asked her about her recreational marijuana use, she denied it. I suppose that is kind of funny. But once I reassured her that I’m actually looking to use some recreational marijuana with her, she did admit that she uses legal weed. We talked about the different marijuana products a bit and then she volunteered to take me to a marijuana dispensary and show me around a tad. I took her up on her offer and was pretty amazed at all of the ways to get weed in the body. You can smoke, eat or use a topical to get the THC or CBD. I know that there are edibles and things like that so people do not need to know that I use legal marijuana, if I do not want them to know. My buddy pointed me in the right direction.

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