Why would she tell on me?

After all, there’s nothing against weed use here

I know it might be time for me to find a new church. On Thursday, my pastor pulled me aside and started talking really strange to me. It was talking about sins and addiction. At first I had no clue why I had been singled out but after that I remembered that I had seen the pastor’s adult daughter at the legal weed dispensary on the weekend. That’s the only thing I can think of that would elicit such a speech from the pastor. I have no idea how the pastor’s daughter was able to tell him that she saw me at the legal weed shop without implicating herself as well. Maybe she said she was just in the parking lot of the local mall or at a restaurant. I do not know what would possess her to tell me too, but clearly, she feels legal weed use is alright. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been there buying herself a pipe. I was so tempted to rat her out while the pastor was thumping me over the head with sins and other crap. That wouldn’t be the right thing to do though. Instead, I know I’m going to find a church that is just a little bit more loose. After all, there’s nothing against weed use here. I do not like being judged for my marijuana use. I actually use weed to sleep better at night too. My CBD oil doesn’t even get me high! Everything I do is for medical reasons.


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