It’s great having access to cannabis dispensaries

Six weeks ago, I moved about 600 miles away from our hometown.

I acquired an offer for a raise and a promotion, however it meant moving to this city.

I thought about the decision for numerous nights before I told our director that I wanted to take the task. I moved a few weeks later! The supplier paid for the moving expenses including a rental truck and more than one moving helpers that packed up all of our items. I moved to a place where things are a bit weird than our hometown; then for instance, marijuana is legal in this whole state and there is a marijuana dispensary on every corner. I smoked weed in private school with some of our friends, however both of us didn’t have anything akin to what the dispensary sells. And my first weekend in the city, I went to two of these marijuana dispensaries to check out the place. The greatest surprise to myself and others was the large selection of edible marijuana products at both places. The marijuana dispensaries had a dozen weird edible marijuana products including candy, chocolate, dried fruit, energy drinks, and delicious baked goods… And even though the items were a bit overpriced, I decided to buy a couple of weird things. I waited until the following weekend to try the edible marijuana products. I decided to eat a piece of chocolate. I didn’t recognize any effects, so I had an additional piece… After 30 minutes, I had the worst case of munchies. I ate a whole bin of pretzels and also a half a box of Oreos. Then I slept for 12 or 13 hours. I don’t really know if that was a good experience or not, even though I woke up feeling super relaxed.


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