Many businesses have shut down amid COVID

Ever since covid-19 closed down suppliers as well as schools, restaurant delivery services have been on the rise; but in the past three weeks, 79% of suppliers have gone to delivery or opening up as an alternative to dining in the restaurant.

But my best buddy recently got a job in the delivery service, however he is not finally working at a restaurant.

He is finally working for a medical marijuana delivery service; then three nights each week, he delivers medical marijuana to local residents, however on the other two nights of the task week, he works inside the store as a budtender. My best buddy read about the job online as well as decided to apply. He had two different interviews with the manager as well as the district supervisor. They talked for an hour in each individual interview. They made our buddy wait more than four nights before they called to tell him the superb news. The next afternoon, our best buddy had to drive two hours to attend a budtenders school. He spent two 8 hour nights in class, however the medical marijuana supplier paid for his gas as well as meals both trips. However after the class was over, he had to take a knowledge test! Now he is finally working for the medical marijuana dispensary. The job pays well as well as he doesn’t even have to use his own vehicle for deliveries. They have a special vehicle Tuesday night medical marijuana dispensary logo as well as cellphone number on the side. I am genuinely cheerful for our best buddy as well as he seems entirely cheerful with the current job. He also gets weed for 50% off usual price as well as that’s a huge bonus!

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