Medical Marijuana Information Online is Helpful

I just started being employed at my state’s department of health in the capitol.

After graduating with a degree in health, I wanted some real experience in public office with the state government.

It was too difficult to know what to expect. In one regard this was the entire reason I worked so hard at school. On the other hand, it’s hard to prepare oneself for taking a sizable step to savor this for the first time. It wasn’t just a breeze either, because I was worked to death every minute of the day. This was all taking location as the state was slowing presenting its first legal medical marijuana program for residents who qualify for physician approvals. Part of my work has involved fielding questions by phone from the moment I start my shift until it’s time to go home. I have to assist patients with getting their card applications approved by the state after they mail in their physician approval. There is only so much you can do when you get a constant stream of calls each day. By the second month I was at the department of health, the management chose to unveil a current section of the DHS website devoted entirely to medical cannabis. It’s important for marijuana education as well as every facet of the process of receiving approval to buy cannabis legally in the state by one of a number of unusual legal marijuana stores. Even though I still assist callers with as much as possible, we get way fewer calls after the current section of the DHS website added information about medical marijuana education.


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