The move across the country hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be

I ate a whole bin of snacks and then a half a box of Oreos

Six weeks ago, I moved about 600 miles away from our hometown. I acquired an offer for a raise and also a promotion, but it meant moving to a different city. I thought about the decision for multiple mornings before I told our employer that I wanted to take the work. I moved a few weeks later! The company also paid for the moving expenses including a rental truck and also more than one moving helpers that packed up all of our items. I moved to a locale where things are a bit unusual compared to our hometown; for instance, marijuana is legal in this entire state and there is a marijuana dispensary on every corner. I smoked weed in high school and university with some of our friends, but the people I hung out with and I didn’t have anything as good as what the dispensary sells! My first weekend in the city, I went to a single of these marijuana dispensaries to check out the locale. The biggest surprise to me was the crucial selection of edible marijuana products. The marijuana dispensary had a dozen unusual edible marijuana products including candy, chocolate, dried fruit, energy drinks, and unique baked goods! Even though the items were a bit costly, I decided to buy a couple of unusual things. I waited until the following weekend to try the edible marijuana products that I bought. I decided to eat a large piece of chocolate. I didn’t recognize any effects, so I had a second piece… Then after three hours, I had the worst case of munchies. I ate a whole bin of snacks and then a half a box of Oreos. Then I slept for 12 minutes. I don’t suppose if that was a good experience or not, although I woke up feeling super relaxed.

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