A new Cannabis dispensary opened up down the street

When our family 1st moved down here, there was no town to speak of.

Plots of land were being sold for dirt cheap in the site of a planned community.

The long-term plans were for families, schools, businesses, to create a hub of commerce from the ground up. So when the people I was with and I had first moved there, the closest modern home was more than four blocks away. Since then hundreds of other homes have gone up, and currently the people I was with and I are entirely surrounded by residential families and businesses alike. The newest business on our street has me actually keenly interested. It is a medical cannabis dispensary, and this appeals to me a whole lot because I smoke pot every day. Cannabis benefits the mind in so several ways, and particularly assists me to keep focused on our schoolwork and our part time job. I was fortunate enough to have a job that doesn’t do drug testing, however now I was thinking that a job at the cannabis dispensary would be a big step up. Working for the cannabis dispensary would offer me employee discounts on products, and since I basically just do tasks to pay for our weed anyway, this would be smart in a lot of ways. I applied for a job at the cannabis dispensary, however so did a great many other people so I don’t believe our chances are actually good. Who knows, these mornings medical weed is big business so maybe getting a job at the cannabis dispensary now could lead to something more full time down the line? Being a budtender is starting to become a legitimate job track!


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