He made the car smell really bad

I rent out some of my cars occasionally.

I own more than three different rental cars in addition to renting them out to different people just about every week.

Usually I don’t have many issues with the people who rent the cars, but once in a while I will get someone who completely ignores the signs in the car that prohibit smoking of any type. I also tell people when they pick up the cars, they should not smoke cigarettes or marijuana in the cars or even anywhere near the cars because the smoke will get inside the car in addition to getting into the upholstery. Well, a lot of the time people just don’t listen to my rules in addition to then they end up having to pay me to get the cars detailed in addition to washed up. Of course, they get mad whenever they have to pay to clean the cars up but it’s their own fault. Marijuana smoke regularly makes the cars stink really bad in addition to it then does take forever to get the stink of it out of the car upholstery! Last month this guy rented my car in addition to he assured me that he didn’t smoke anything at all, including marijuana. However, when the car was returned to me, the whole thing stunk just like a local cannabis cafe! I was so mad when I smelled the disgusting stink of weed in my car. I called him up and told him that he was going to have to pay the extra hundred dollars to clean the car out to remove the smell.


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