I prefer doing an edible

My friends love going to the recreational marijuana store near me.

  • We used to get together as a group to go out to the bars, now all of us head to the legal weed store to pick up stuff.

For a long time I couldn’t really play. My buddies all liked smoking flowers or oil. Typically they would smoke through an oil pen, vape or even a giant bong. I don’t really like smoking. I hate the thought of inhaling something. I know that weed isn’t as bad for you as tobacco, but I just don’t like simulatning the same type of action. I tried every type of smoking device and none of them appealed to me. I thought I would be stuck being the only non high one at every get together. I then have found that I really like marijuana edibles. The edible world is quite vast. You can get edibles in liquid forms like in sport drinks or cooking oils. There are also tons of food options for edibles like cookies, cakes, brownies and even popcorn. I typically prefer to eat THC infused gummies or chocolates when I go to the dispensary. I also have tried suckers before. Unlike when you smoke weed, an edible can almost instantly give you the high feeling. The high starts fast and is a more powerful high typically. My friends who smoke seem to take forever to get to the point I get to. I feel like I go up and down the entire time they smoke. I kind of like beating them to the race and doing half the work.

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