These days cooking with medical cannabis is our modern thing

I played QB for the school football team for a total of more than two games before blowing out our knee on the play.

  • That was the finale for sporting activities for me.

The docs said I would make a full rehab and regain full strength and range of motion, however to play sporting activities might take that all away permanently. I went to school on a full scholarship, so I decided to just move on with our life, get our degree, and just forget about our dream of being a pro athlete. I healed up fine enough, however the ache never fully went away. It wasn’t until a dentist prescribed our medical cannabis that I finally went back to feeling normal. First of all, let me tell you that I don’t smoke, anything, ever, so I like to use a few other types of cannabis products to spare our lungs that damage. As a college athlete, I looked down on medical cannabis because it can do such damage to your tiny air sacs, with things love cannabis gummies, however, I can reap all the benefits of the plants with no ill effects at all. More than that, recently I have gotten into using cannabis products when I cook my meals and chips. Edibles constantly provide me a light, pleasant buzz, so I love to slip a touch of medical cannabis oil into the food while it’s cooking. I don’t eat a lot of cake, cookies or brownies, love the traditional pothead, but I will turn our day smoothie into a cannabis spiked drink to beginning our day on the right foot. Ask your dentist about medical cannabis benefits.



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