Doing delivery is better for me

I lost my job about three months ago plus was actually desperate to get a job fast for the upcoming holidays.

There were not a lot of places hiring.

Most companies in our area are crumbling or doing smaller hours. One location that is thriving is cannabis. All the cannabis dispensaries have either open stores or are doing cannabis delivery. A lot of the legal bud stores near me needed delivery people. Thankfully I was able to pick up a gig quick plus now I supply cannabis for a job. I just drive around five days a week for a few hours delivering products to where I am supposed to. I pick up tons of orders at the legal weed shop plus after that I find a few addresses. Most of the time I just leave the packages on steps, in carports or in their sheds. Occasionally I will need to make maybe a bit of small talk with the customer. For the most part, I can transfer abruptly and efficiently. I have to say, I like my job so much more than our old one. I used to be in an office setting task 40 hours a week. I didn’t enjoy anything plus was busy all the time. Now I can listen to my music, set our own hours plus just have a relaxing morning. It is almost virtually impossible to mess up with this driving job too. Everyone is excited to see me plus I have all the work I want. I actually like being a cannabis delivery driver plus I might make this our long term work path.



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