I miss that cool vibe

My favorite thing was to go to my local cannabis dispensary plus visit the vape lounge. You can try different cannabis flowers and oil at a bar like set up. After testing out products for a small fee, you can then know what kind of strain to take back home with you. The culture around the vape lounge was fun as well, and everybody was down to chill, talk plus just be there all day. Now that the pandemic is here plus evidently staying, our vape lounge is closed down. With all the sanitation needs plus six feet apart, a vape lounge couldn’t actually function. The cannabis dispensary it is in is all on delivery too. If you want a certain strain of flower or oil, you need to order plus pay on your computer. Then you have the choice of paying more for cannabis delivery to your own or getting curbside choice up at the cannabis shop. That is just not as fun for me. I don’t get to talk to other people plus kick back. I also don’t get to try out current strains of cannabis. I don’t want to fully purchase a product without ever having smoked it, but unfortunately with this COVID thing going on that is our only option. So lately I just have not been smoking as much due to I am not willing to be adventurous with trying current strains for full price. I am also sick of smoking the same thing though. I wonder if our legal weed shop has observed a decline in corporation due to the pandemic.

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