I think this is crucial for me

I’m getting older now and it has finally begun to dawn rapidly on myself and others why those who live simply are consistently smiling so much these days.

They don’t approach life as some sort of gauntlet to be mastered and permanently subdued.

It absolutely is about winning and losing at all. It’s simply all about living a life. This is what I am studying as I have shifted to a more holistic approach to going off and living our life. And recreational marijuana has been an important element I’ve found in this overall approach and lifestyle change. Thankfully with the advent of legal weed in our state, I can make recreational cannabis a routine area of our life. The new presence of recreational marijuana in our life has allowed myself and others to further be able to embrace a lifestyle that was so foreign to myself and others for so damn long. I was raised to be a honestly effective achievement machine. That’s not a massive knock on our parents because that was how society viewed the optimum way to generally raise a child. However, there wasn’t a whole lot of real compassion or extra caring thrown in there with all the grinding toward success. That ideation would ultimately end up wrecking our life. And honestly, I’m thrilled that life got completely wrecked because it was an angry one indeed. I didn’t care about anything however gaining material possession, praise and false power. It cost myself and others a super unhealthy marriage. But to be honest, I don’t know we were ever into each other, so much as we were in partnership. Now, I have a weird perspective that is due in a huge way to recreational weed. I’m just so thankful that I can simply go to the legal weed store down the block in order to get access to this important area of what helps myself and others easily be humble and glad.

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