I want to change my life

Well it happens to all the people in their lives at some point I suppose.

I just never certainly pictured myself in our fifties.

In fact, it is just a bit hard to recognize the woman in the mirror with all the gray. She sure has the same old face plus eyes however the gray hair is a bit abrupt at times. I sure hope I don’t become a single of those older chicks who dyes her hair. But, to each her own I suppose. One of the massive changes I am embracing includes recreational cannabis. I’m truly a single of the few 50 somethings that I guess who never previously appreciated recreational cannabis in their youth. Recreational pot use was definitely widespread in our generation. Plus, it was totally accepted as much as sitting and having a cocktail was. But, I recognize the fear of God was put into me by older folks so I steered clear of recreational marijuana. Thankfully, all that has now changed. With the brand new advent of legal weed, I am now able to use recreational cannabis without ongoing fear of any sort of repercussions. It was proposed first by a neighbor of mine that I play hockey with. I noted over the course of a few months that her game was obviously so much more consistent. Plus the angry outbursts that would pepper her rounds were clearly now conspicuously absent. I inquired as to whether she had found an unbelievable therapist in town or what. I was stunned to learn that she had absolutely discovered legal weed at the local recreational weed store. After seeing what it did, I was all in. And I have been so certainly gratified with this addition to our life.

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