Not always the best quality

Every month I make a large order with the cannabis dispensary that is roughly 35 minutes from my house.

There are two that are much closer to me, but I don’t appreciate their products at all.

Some of the cannabis flower products that I have bought have been mixed quality. While the best dispensaries produce top brand marijuana that goes against some of the best products from out west, others give off products that an average home grower would not be happy at. There are few things worse than opening a container of cannabis flower buds only to get a huge whiff of a foul odor instead of the rich odor of marijuana, and then you pull out a single flower bud that crumbles under the littlest bit of pressure from your fingers. This is the quality that I see several happily paying for each month when they go to these dispensaries. They don’t entirely have the right taste to think what they’re buying is severely low quality. It would be wonderful if these items were super cheap, so their currency value matched their real value. Sadly, you can spend the same at two different marijuana dispensaries as well as receive 1 product that looks, odors, as well as feels like cheap homegrown weed, while the other looks like it could be featured in a movie. I just wish the latter shop had some indica strains for once! They have an abundance of sativa strains as well as sativa leaning hybrid strains, however no indicas right now.

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