Off of hard cash

Years ago I quit carrying hard cash as a form of currency. I got a credit card as well as numerous debit cards as well as never looked back. I haven’t written a check at the grocery store since before I was done with college. This is why I am always shocked when I see someone using this odd form of payment, but who am I to judge how other people organize as well as spend their cash? Personally, I find plastic to be the most convenient form of all, especially now that most of us have iPhones with internet access as well as apps for our banking needs. No matter where I’m at, as long as I have internet allowance, I can check my bank account balance as well as make transfers if I need to. As much as I enjoy cards over any other form of payment, I have now met my match with the legal marijuana stores in the state. Because cannabis is not yet legal, the national banks do not like dealing with cannabis companies in any state, minus a few places. If I want to buy my marijuana products from the cannabis dispensaries in my state, I have to always have cash on hand or get currency from the bank on my way to the dispensary. It’s upsetting for a person who felt like they had finally rid themselves of handling paper currency ever again. Everything about my purchase experience makes me feel safe in the face of COVID except the currency exchanged at the point of sale.


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