The marijuana industry is doing better

I hope that marijuana becomes federally legal as soon as they can

I suppose I can speak for all the people when I say that this newest election has proved to be both stressful as well as emotional for all the people watching. Regardless of your chosen person across the board, there were laws being voted on in a number of states that poised to have huge changes on mankind at large. My state has spent so many years with a stagnant minimum wage. Now voters have approved an initiative that will raise it $1 each year until it hits a good amount. This could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It is no small leap of faith, that is to be sure. But the social improvements haven’t stopped at all. We’re now seeing the largest expansion of legal cannabis that we’ve seen in the world. Most states either have medical marijuana, recreational, or the two. For those who were still feeling left out while the rest of the country was enjoying legal marijuana, they can finally have access to clean as well as safe cannabis at last. As more shops open in each state, the cost of legal marijuana goes down. I can’t suppose of any negative impacts of opening access to safe as well as legal cannabis, aside from the perspective of a crime lord making tons on the illegal black market. I hope that marijuana becomes federally legal as soon as they can. There needs to be standardization across the board with no states left out of the plan. Both of us also need to make it legal for marijuana companies to safely store their currency with national banking chains to avoid endangering security staff who guard immense safes of currency.


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