The online part is fun

A lot of people are having some issues with the virus shutting down everything.

I think I am one of the only people who like the way things are going.

I hate going out on errands with a passion. I used to make myself go on my errands on friday. I would spend the whole month dreading them even though the trip took maybe a few hours. I hated making small talk with the employees, waiting in line plus periodically items I needed were not there. So with the virus, everything is online now. I no longer go to the grocery store. My local store allows for delivery. I pick up our same lot of groceries on our computer plus pay a small price for someone to shop plus give them to me. I also do online banking deposits, eye appointments plus I even did a virtual Heating & A/C inspection. I actually like that our local cannabis dispensary does delivery now too. For a while it was the last store there. I could do all our errands online in under 30 minutes plus after that I would need to drive to the legal marijuana store. Now the dispensary is closed down plus only doing delivery or pickup. I choose to have someone drive all our marijuana items to the house plus place it on the front step. I guess sort of like a famous person. I just pick all the things I want and someone else messes with the parts I don’t enjoy. I even have been getting some actually wonderful sales since business for them has been slow.

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