Cannabis dispensary was more than I expected

I don’t do a whole lot of exploring in my life.

And that is something that I have really wanted to change about myself.

Playing everything so safe just isn’t really working for me. I was raised not to take any risk that wasn’t calculated to turn out in my favor. And that carried over to my life. But the more I have lived, I’ve learned one thing for certain. Life can be really random and no amount of playing it safe will change that. To that end, I have chosen to step out of my comfort zone a bit. Instead of weighing every single thing in a decision, I’m simply going with how I feel on some things now. And for me, the fact that I want to try out recreational marijuana just feels right to me at this time. Believe it or not, I never used cannabis or even ate a pot brownie as I was going through highschool and college. I certainly had many opportunities to partake but I chose not to. However, now that cannabis products are legal, I took a trip to the local cannabis spot near me. A friend of mine sort of asked me to go out of the blue. My immediate response was yes and it felt good to say that. Still, I was a bit nervous as I first walked into the cannabis dispensary. There was still sort of this taboo feeling to the whole thing. But once inside, I could tell that this was a retail outlet and there were people there to help me.

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