I will feel like a new man

Those people who are always going on about how great it was back in the day tend to actually get on my last nerves.

  • But there are times when I find myself doing the actual thing that makes me so nuts.

Like I suppose back to the time in my life when I discovered marijuana. That was a great day and a great time in my life. Indeed, it was a bit of a seminal tipping point in my life. Up to that point, all I cared about was achievement and didn’t much care what I had to do to get success. That overall outlook took a huge toll on both my physical and spiritual life however also on my relationships. So the first time I used a bit of nice sativa strain, I was not geared up for the results. What happened was that all the stress of my life abruptly just dropped away. There was this different feeling on my mouth. It was a smile. That weekend I tried a few other cannabis products and to my amazement, I later started to see that a life of achievement at all costs wasn’t for me. I literally started seeing life completely unusual from that weekend on. And I’m so grateful for that. So when I am inside the local cannabis spot doing my shopping, I often think back to that day. I’m just grateful to suppose that there is a natural source for me to continue to find balance in my life. The fact that I can walk into a cannabis dispensary to find the sort of indica or sativa strain that I’m looking for is not lost on me. And indeed, without cannabis products, I might be lost as well.


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