Using a topical for pain after a car crash

After my car crash, it took quite a while to get back to normal.

I had broken both of my arms & I couldn’t move around really well. Even though it had been nearly three years, I had a severe ache in my shoulders & it was painful to use my arms. I had been going to rehabilitation twice a week, & it was to a point that I was no longer getting better. They were ready to set me free if I wasn’t feeling any better. They had me talk to a doctor one last time. He said I had a good range of motion, but he wanted to know about the pain level. I told him that the pain had never legitimately gone away, although I didn’t want to take painkillers. He handed me a small jar of ointment. He said that if it worked for me, he would get me more. I took the bottle back home & I tried it out. I couldn’t believe how much it helped. I was able to move my shoulders up and down & get a full night’s sleep. My brother was shocked at how much I was able to do without stopping to rest or take some OTC painkillers. I called the doc at the rehab center & told him how well the cream worked. I liked the cooling sensation and I was relaxed after using it. He told me it was a cannabis topical. I was initially worried about the cannabis products, but the relife was too good. I ended up getting a prescription for medical cannabis immediately. I got myself a CBD cream that I purchased at the medical marijuana dispensary and a heavy dose cannabis topical.

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