Eating healthier and that is because of weed

It’s not like I have ever been bad about what I ate.

Actually, I would say the opposite is true.

Taking care of my body has been something that I have done since I was just a kid. Both my parents were hardcore health nuts and they gave that to me. I’ve been eating great since I can remember. On top of that I was a swimmer and in superb condition. So smoking medical cannabis was not anything that I thought I would end up doing. And using medical cannabis to manage chronic pain was even more a remote occasion. Well that is until those really things became space of our week to week reality. It just goes to show that there are certain things, events in addition to conditions that simply can not be either avoided or controlled. It took me a long time after being diagnosed with chronic pain for me to truly understand that. Happily, I have access to the medical cannabis that makes that sort of perspective even possible for me. I can’t even imagine going through this experience with chronic pain without medical cannabis. And yet, by just the luck of my state I have access to legal weed stores where others who are suffering simply don’t. For me, I wasn’t willing to go into some sort of chemical dependence due to my condition. But that’s exactly what I saw myself doing as I became more in addition to more dependent on the meds. Happily, a single of our friends helped me out, got me to a cannabis event where I got a cannabis education. My professional helped me wean off the meds as I started using the cannabis products to manage pain. It has been so really successful.


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