I really need my medical cannabis for this chronic pain I’m facing

It pretty much came out of nowhere.

One afternoon my body felt just fine, the next day I felt as though I had legitimately overdone it and was horrendously tender all over.

It was something like being legitimately sore from over excursion however more painful. Of course, I got some pain relievers and went on about my day. Roughly a month later, I could hardly step out of bed due to the unbearable pain. Thanks to medical cannabis, I am finding a way to get my life back one bit at a time. It hasn’t been simple at all really. The healthcare pros initially started treating me with muscle relaxers and pain killers. This was an exhausting combination. I was pretty much knocked out on a regular basis. While that may be better than being in brutal pain, it’s no way to live your life. One healthcare pro recommended I pick up some medical marijuana. I went about all the medical marijuana regulations and was able to get access to a nearby cannabis dispensary. My first trip there, I was in so much pain that I could hardly stand up. The staff were very caring and understanding. They got me a selection of unusual cannabis products to try. When I tried medical cannabis for the first time, I was very happy with the results. I was far less stiff and it hurt less to try and stretch my muscles. After a short while, I discovered that the cannabis flower products and the cannabis gummies were my go to medical cannabis products. I’ve been using cannabis products for quite a few months now and the difference is certainly encouraging. I’m able to really look after myself and with a little more time, I potentially can get back to work.

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