My self image is better

Self image is a truly harsh thing.

It’s something that I don’t feel all of us totally understand.

How we see ourselves has such a large impact on the way life is lived and interaction is made. It’s just that we don’t realize just how horrible the body image stuff can be. Medical cannabis is helping me to put my life back together due to the damaging effects of body image. I have never truly liked our body. And mainly that’s because the story I get from our culture is my body size and shape aren’t great. That was something that I truly became obsessed with. I wanted so badly to be like the images I saw of bodies that people basically worshipped. The cannabis products I am using during therapy for our eating disorder and self worth issues are helping me regain our health. I nearly cratered our entire body. There was a lot of binging in addition to purging followed by heaping amounts of self loathing. Happily, with the help of cannabis gummies in addition to therapy I am now learning how to feed our body. I’m also learning that appetite can be a good thing. This is all better for me. However, the medical cannabis that I acquire from the legal weed store helps me assume that this is an enjoyable direction. Not only do I have a healthy appetite after using medical cannabis, it helps me to choose better and heavier things to eat. There is something about medical cannabis that helps me be positive about this change.


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