The recovery process with medical weed

So much for getting outdoors and doing all that exercising! I have been a rather sedentary person most of my life until about a year back.

My family truly encouraged me to get off the couch and start moving.

I totally understand given that I was a big heavy and just in bad shape. However just a year after this, I’m so thankful to have access to medical marijuana. Without it, I don’t know if I would be progressing. By progressing, I mean getting back to being healthy after an injury. Part of my newfound exercise regimen was long, all day swims. Each swim I tended to push the degree of difficulty. This was dumb and of course I ended up wrecked as a result. Five months ago, I was heading down a channel after a nearly 7 mile swim. Honestly, I was tired and should have stopped. Instead, I lost myself in a wave and tumbled a really long way and hit some rocks. Fast forward to now and I am finally starting to see the light and it’s in a sizable space due to getting a cannabis education. After surgery to fix my legs, I was in poor pain that was treated with high powered pain killers. This was something that I quickly became dependent on. I couldn’t go to physical therapy without my drug. And that pill became a few more. Luckily, my medical professional got me some cannabis information and helped me through the marijuana regulations. I’m done with the pills as I am managing pain with the medical cannabis products I acquire from the cannabis dispensary.

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