The stress of the war

There are a lot of bad things in our world.

I feel I didn’t truly know to the levels of bad until I experienced it for myself.

Growing up in this country with two great parents, stability in addition to nearly unlimited love can be a really great experience. So when a person goes through some horrific experience, it can be truly that much more horrible. I am learning how to go back to my life with the help of medical cannabis because I have experienced trauma in addition to it changing me. Growing up, I saw armed combat and serving one’s country in a really unreal way. But that is how it’s shown in movies. Real warfare is another thing entirely. Having experienced many tours of duty where I was exposed to the silly brutality of war has left me emotionally in addition to physically wrecked. I belong to a therapy group of other soldiers who are dealing with much the same thing. Part of the therapy is using medical weed. The thing about the cannabis products and what they do for me are tough to clearly define in clinical terms. What I can say is that I feel much more calm with the medical cannabis in addition to our paranoid fears. Also, I am able to talk about our feelings which truly helps get me past this busted stage of where I am. There is no doubt that the medical cannabis I got from the legal weed store is helping. It’s helping a great deal. I don’t know that I’ll ever be what I was before our traumatic experiences.

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