What I did with medical cannabis and cancer

Getting old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This is something my brother used to say to me all the time as he was entering his 50s.

He ended up making it to near the 70 year mark before his body just finally gave out. And for him, it may not have been pretty but it was okay. I’m hoping to match that mindset of his as I enter my 60’s. My brother has not been gone long. And that made my cancer diagnosis hit just that much more. Yet with the help I’m getting with medical cannabis, it may not be pretty but I’m fighting. My cancer is not easy. It’s not going to be 1 of those tales where it was caught just in time plus there will be a magic fix. This is something that I have come to accept. Still, going through care is worth the fight for a remission. Who knows how long that could be but it’s worth it. I have to say that I really hate chemo. Medical cannabis is easily helping me with that. At the start, I just couldn’t find an appetite. And when I forced myself to eat, I couldn’t keep it down. Once I started with the cannabis flower product my friend procured me, I found that I could eat. And that is such a large thing because I am putting much needed nutrients in my body. The cannabis products also easily help with my outlook. Not that I’m all excited or anything however I do have a real nice perspective thanks to the cannabis products.


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