Anxiety had me at the precipice.

I have been trying to deal with my anxiety, most of my life.

It is the worst feeling in the world, walking around and trying to pretend everything is okay, but inside you are afraid that everything is going to come crashing down around you.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t feel as if the world is going to implode around me. Then I go to bed, and I don’t sleep much. Lately, however, I have been getting some relief from my anxieties. I have been managing my anxieties with medical cannabis. There is a big change in how I feel and deal with life thanks to the cannabis information I went in search of. I was afraid that if I added marijuana into the cocktail of antidepressants and other meds I was taking, I would just be adding more problems. I was so glad to find out that was not the case. There was so much misinformation out there about marijuana. I I thought I had a grasp on what marijuana could do for many ailments but not until I did more research did I realize that I didn’t know half of it. Once I educated myself, I talked to my doctor. I wanted to get a medical cannabis card so I could get medical marijuana products for my anxiety. I found people at the legal marijuana dispensary who could help me to understand more about medical marijuana for anxiety. They were able to give me several different samples to try. Six weeks later, I am dealing with my anxiety better than I had ever. Medical marijuana has given me the ability to live life and enjoy living it.


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