Back pain warranted the use of marijuana.

I couldn’t believe that my dad was having so much pain in his back.

I thought it was just age related and the fact that he was grossly overweight. I tried to keep my weight under control since I never wanted to go through the agony he was seemingly suffering. I had to back off my thoughts of dad when I began having back pain in my early forties. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but I was having severe pain and back spasms. Had it not been for my brother, I would have ended up being a drug addict, but he helped me with my back pain. He suggested I go to a doctor he knew and get a prescription for medical marijuana. He told me that the doctor would be able to give me a prescription and then I could get my medical marijuana card. Once I had the card, I was able to go to the legal medical marijuana dispensary and get legal marijuana. Within two weeks of beginning legal medical marijuana, I was seeing a big difference in my back pain and the spasms. If it hadn’t been for my brother, I may have gone ahead with the exploratory surgery to find where the pain was coming from. I would have become an opioid addict. Instead of ending up in a drug rehab center, I am using legal medical marijuana and I am able to walk in comfort, and the spasms and pain are almost gone. I need to thank my brother and his doctor who gave me the prescription for legal medical marijuana.

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