Changing how I feel

I lost my brother just over 5 years back.

  • And losing my brother was beyond challenging not to mention the grief plus loss I experienced.

However, my brother would not have wanted me to simply just give up on life. But it’s a shame that he isn’t able to share in this new chapter of my life. Since I finished my job, I have embraced legal cannabis. When I moved away, I found myself in a new place but soon found great friends. One volleyball buddy went on plus on about the pros she had received through the use of cbd products. She encouraged me to go with her to the cannabis dispensary. At first, I was quite unsure about it. I had nothing to do with recreational marijuana in multiple decades. And even the experience I had with recreational weed was small. But my buddy confided to me that once she got such a boost from the cbd products. She tried legal cannabis. It was a big change for her. That was enough for me to at least go along to the cannabis dispensary plus talk to the people there my buddy advised I speak with. I was quite happy with the comprehension plus expertise of the staff at the cannabis dispensary. This allowed me the confidence to give legal weed a try. I too am now experiencing a welcome shift in my life. I am now able to achieve a good sense of calm, peace plus acceptance that is much needed as I embrace this area of my life.


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