I came close to being a drug addict.

Had I not gotten some information about cannabis, I think I may have a real drug problem right about now.

I was really close to becoming addicted to pain pills. Fortunately, I got some materials that educated me on cannabis and I am now managing my pain without the fear of becoming addicted. When I was in a car accident, I had some pretty bad back injuries. I ended up having several surgeries, but they supposedly corrected my back. The unfortunate part is although I can walk now, I am also going through some pretty high levels of pain and I will be for the rest of my life. That is exactly what the doctor told me. I didn’t know if I could spend the rest of my life in this much pain, if it was just at the lower levels. The doctor was giving me prescriptions for pain med and he constantly had to change them. Every time he gave me a different drug, it was stronger and there were more potent opiates in them. I talked to my doctor about the possibility of adding medical marijuana to my regimen. I went to a couple classes that talked about marijuana and how it worked. I found out that medical marijuana was able to control pain, even if it was in a person who suffered from chronic pain. Once I got my medical marijuana card and went to the medical cannabis dispensary, I was on my way to a life that had less pain. Medical cannabis saved my life and I feel better since I’m no longer using the opioids.

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