I have Lyme’s disease.

Who would have known that a tiny little brown tick could possibly make my life such a mess.

If I had known that a tick could nearly wreck my life, I would have been careful when I was in the woods.

It was my misfortune to have that tick get onto my skin and not be found, and to have it give me Lyme disease. Because of Lyme disease, I recently added medical cannabis to my treatment. If I hadn’t had the medical cannabis, I’m not sure what I would have done. My symptoms were overwhelming. I have autoimmune syndrome, spasms, and several other problems. My body has been putting my life and my health through the wringer. I had Lyme disease for almost two years before I discovered medical marijuana. I wasn’t doing very well with the cannabis. I was tired all the time, and every day brought new pain. Inflammation and spasms. When my wife learned about the benefits of cannabis, she told me about how it can treat Lyme disease. She got all the information and then she helped me get the medical card and go to the cannabis dispensary. Our first trip to the cannabis dispensary was really interesting. I was mesmerized with the way my wife knew so much about cannabis and the question she asked. About three weeks after starting cannabis therapy, I already feel a difference. I feel like cannabis has enhanced the effects of my medication and made them work better. No one has to tell me about the benefits of medical cannabis because I am living through them.

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