Medical marijuana gave me strength.

From as far back as I can remember, I was abused by my parents.

In a way, I am sure they loved me and they thought they were being good parents.

Being afraid to take off a jacket because someone may see the welts, is taking parenting a bit too far. Not being able to sit for three days is poor parenting. Because of the abuse, I was left with PTSD and I was always afraid. I was afraid to go near people or even talk to them, because I thought they may turn against me. When I was told about the possibility of using medical marijuana to deal with my anxiety and anger issues, I called my therapist. I told him about the research I had done. He agreed that marijuana could be the therapy that would help me. He gave me a card to a doctor who would give me a prescription so I could get my medical marijuana card. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my card and to go to the legal marijuana dispensary. I use cannabis gummies, and I often mix it with different medical cannabis products. The CBD gummies keep me going all day long and if my anxiety creeps back in in the evening, I have the medical cannabis to take the edge off. I am feeling better and I am finding I enjoy being around my family again. It is all because of medical marijuana and CBD gummies. It’s hard to believe that my journey of anxiety and constant popping pills is coming to an end because of medical marijuana and CBD.

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