Our dad is still with us physically and mentally.

When dad was just sixty years old, he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. We thought we had a lot of time to enjoy his company, but we were wrong. My sister and I were looking forward to being able to take care of him as he had us when we were little, but that wasn’t going to happen. After mom died, he started going downhill even more quickly. He was having more bad days than he was having good. A therapist we had been seeing, sent us to a support group for caregivers, who gave a link to information about cannabis. We found out that cannabis has been used to help with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It explained that medical marijuana couldn’t cure dementia, but it was a tool to help give a bit of extra clarity to the user. We were both surprised at the many benefits that could be derived from the use of medical cannabis. I knew dad wouldn’t be able to smoke medical cannabis flower, so we asked about the edibles. It was easy to give dad a cannabis infused gummy. He loved his candy and he took the gummy and chewed it up with ease. He gets more moments of clarity and the depression that goes with dementia has been greatly decreased. I’m glad we went to the class for caregivers. We would have never thought about using medical cannabis to help dad with his dementia. The terror we so often saw in his eyes when he couldn’t remember who we were, has subsided and we have a bit of extra time knowing that he is still with us in mind and body.



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