Thanks to medical marijuana, Grandma is still with us.

The hardest thing I had to do was to watch my grandmother get older.

I remembered her laughing all the time and dancing with us. Now that grandma is nearing ninety, she isnt herself. To be honest, on most days she doesn’t even know who she is. This is bothersome and I hate to think about her situation. The dementia was to the point where my mom was considering putting her into a nursing home. I went with her to her last doctor’s appointment and I was talking to her doctor. I told him I had done some research and I saw research that showed the use of medical marijuana could help grandma to get some clarity. He sat and looked at me and told me that he had read the study about medical marijuana, but he wasn’t certified to be able to give me the prescription. He sent me to a local veterinarian who gave grandma a prescription for medical marijuana. Because of her mental state, I was able to get the medical marijuana card and go into the marijuana dispensary for her supplies. They showed me all different marijuana products, but I only wanted gummies. I knew I could get grandma to eat the gummies. After six weeks, we saw a big difference in how many days she was aware of us, and it was because of medical marijuana. Last week we were talking about how I had to go to the Vet for the medical marijuana card. I heard grandma woof and growl and I turned around to look at her. She said she was just kidding.


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