Bonding over marijuana

My best friend Taron saved me from a fate worse than death… After my director closed his shop, 2 weeks into the virus, I had no way to pay my mortgage.

I was this close to doing the unthinkable plus moving in with my mother, but thankfully my friend swooped in plus saved me.

Taron had a small bungalow on his property, and although it needed some fixing up I was welcome to stay there as long as I had, free of charge. I was deeply grateful, because my mother is a pill, but that’s a story for another day. My first day staying there with my buddy Taron, he caught me smoking cannabis out back. My friend asked me if it was medicinal marijuana. I thought about lying to him, but told the truth, that it was not legally purchased medicinal marijuana, it was the official kind. He laughed at that, plus took a pull off the joint, plus explained how I should start using the marijuana dispensary in the city. That’s where I get all my cannabis flowers and oils, he told me, and I was literally blown away by this news. Taron never smelled like cannabis, or seemed high because he used a vape pen to consume his THC. After both of us finished my joint, he handed me his vape pen plus both of us shared that. I have to say the vape was a lot more potent than I ever would have thought.

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She was a difficult person

I had a lady come into my store the other afternoon, and it started off unquestionably rough.

By the end of the day I believe I made her a customer.

I might have even made a new buddy! First of all, she was a harsh woman. As an example, when she came into the store the first thing she said was that she wanted to speak to the supervisor. I explained that I was the store supervisor, plus she shook her head at that. She then wanted to speak to my boss, right now. Maybe I should mention that this is a cannabis shop, so we get only happy patrons coming in here, but your typical cannabis client falls into 1 of 2 categories, at least in my store it does. First you’ve got the legit medical cannabis people, who are often using marijuana to change the side effects of chemo, or some horrible chronic disease. The other category of client has a prescription for medical marijuana, but clearly is just in it for the legal pot plus not unquestionably sick like the other folks. In any event, all the people who come into the cannabis dispensary are nice, plus usually truly kind, so this woman was absolutely a first for me. She was demanding to know how I could sell marijuana to anybody off the street plus I explained that you do need a medical marijuana prescription in order to get it. It turns out she was confused about the difference between pot and CBD oil, but both of us got it straightened out.


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Trying different cannabis now

Remy plus I have been friends since elementary school, no joke, and over the years both of us haven’t talked more than once, and gone years at a time without seeing 1 another.

When Remy and I do catch up, it’s always like no time at all has passed.

Of late, the two of us are at the age where our teens are growing up and moving out, so Remy plus I have started hanging out a lot more often. It turns out that Remy has his medical marijuana card, and visits the dispensary on a day to day basis. Furthermore, it turns out that I never knew how much I missed smoking marijuana until I started doing it once more. It’s a whole different ball game these days, because the cannabis dispensary industry has changed in ways I had never thought possible. Remy has a vape pen that looks sort of like a cigarette, plus he keeps it loaded with cannabis oil. It has almost no odor at all, plus no taste, plus yet it hits as hard as any weed I have ever tried. Still I have to say that no cannabis oil is ever as great as the taste and mouthfeel of the real thing. I will take even the worst ditch weed over cannabis oil any day, but that’s just my personal wants. It doesn’t mean I’ll turn down some of that oil if that is what’s being offered. Remy has new products from the cannabis dispensary all the time that I get to try.
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A cannabis webinar

Having a webinar has given me something to focus my time on during this endless coronavirus thing. So don’t get me wrong, I like working from my condo and I do not want the social distancing to end! I like finally having all the time I need to work on my show and grow the fan base; Personally I think the webinar has improved a lot in the last 3 weeks, especially since I’ve started using online apps to have people co-host with me while maintaining that six feet apart. I use a rotation of other hosts, to keep the energy new plus fresh. This is important when discussing weed, its many strains plus smoking devices, because so many people smoke a joint plus then zone out, but for me, smoking cannabis keeps me motivated, so I love to find other people that use it to the same effect. Cannabis shouldn’t be used to wreck your senses, but to rise them up plus make you appreciate the world around you. This webinar has been the best thing about this year in my life, so I started reaching out to different cannabis dispensaries to see if they want to support the webinar. If a marijuana dispensary wanted to sponsor the webinar I would use their unique blends plus strains on the program to review and promote. So far I have talked to the supervisors of 2 different cannabis dispensaries, plus they both liked the idea but had to ask their head honchos for permission.

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Making sure to get the best deal

What makes this country so much fun is competition.

Our free market economy affords us many options, so we can select which corporations are the best.

It might be by service, price, or products they have, all the people have a chance to compete in the market… I take my job as a consumer truly seriously, and always peruse before buying as much as possible. If it is a used car, or a new suitcase, you better believe I will get the best price out there. It isn’t all about price, though, is it? The condition of what you purchase is of equal importance, so unquestionably it’s a matter of getting the best condition for the best price. The same is true for cannabis dispensaries, which are similar in many ways, but still have differences between them. I pursue my cannabis just like I do anything else, plus have 3 different marijuana dispensaries that I visit on a monthly basis, however what I buy, plus when, is determined by what I locate, plus what kind of special deals a cannabis dispensary may be having at any given time. I don’t have a store loyalty to 1 recognizable cannabis dispensary, but I am good, plus well known, at all 3 of the 1s I visit. Since the COVID thing is going on, every 1 of them always offers their free marijuana delivery, but I always say no way. If I can’t go into the store plus look around the marijuana products on my own, I might be missing out on a great deal.

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Doing a cannabis podcast

Nicky has spent the last numerous years making a living selling legal weed

I know you are actually sick to death of people talking about their podcasts. I know, I am too, everywhere I go someone wants to talk about their show that they made in their basement, or shed, or upstairs home office. Give us podcasters a chance, though. During a lockdown what are we supposed to do with our time, except work on our shows? Personally, the social distance has been enjoyable for my creativity, and I’ve finally gotten my app to work, so I can have guests sit in on my podcast. I guess the back and forth banter actually helps the show, especially since we are both smoking cannabis at the time. The same kind of cannabis, from the same dispensary, but we are in our seperate homes smoking out with plenty of social distance. I have lots of people who have become proper guests, all of whom I consider to be experts in the marijuana industry for one reason or another. Mike has been growing his own cannabis in a cannabox since he was a sophomore in school, so he can talk pot farming. Nicky has spent the last numerous years making a living selling legal weed. Drew has spent the last six months running a cannabis dispensary, unlike Nicky he sells marijuana legally. Finally every one of us have Davis, who focuses more on cannabis oil, CBD, plus other marijuana-derived products. Since we all live close enough to one another, we use the same cannabis dispensary delivery service.

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He switched gears to cannabis

My papa was constantly a big time smoker, a chain smoker, plus he was raised in a time where you could smoke no matter what. You could smoke at the office, you could smoke in bars, you could smoke around children because doctors hadn’t said that was lethal yet. The old man never got lung cancer, miraculously, and eventually had a doctor convince him to quit. It turns out that the old man never quite quit, he just switched gears in a pretty major way. I am in college now, but when I first remember meeting papa he had already quit cigarettes. He would sit on the porch plus smoke pot every night, plus most afternoons. This was before the advent of legalized medical marijuana, mind you, so he just relied on local teenagers for his supply. When I became a teenager, he started asking me to get cannabis for him. I agreed to hook him up, but only on the condition that he ask his proper doctor about getting prescription medical marijuana. Around this time I knew it was being discussed however I wasn’t sure about the legal status of cannabis. Long story short, I hooked up my papa for about several years, until the state finally legalized medical marijuana. He got a prescription for a medical marijuana card for the local cannabis dispensaries, and from then on out he was the one getting his marijuana. I knew the payoff was big, but I had no idea how great medical grade cannabis was!



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A good couples night

What I didn’t tell them is that my vape pen was loaded with cannabis oil, so I was already real toasted, which constantly made these events better for me

Do you have friends that are other couples as well? Of course every one of us all have friends, but my wife plus I have a special group of friends who are all couples, and we only ever hang out as couples. We do group activities and big meals on a fairly daily basis, plus I have to admit it is a great deal of fun. It’s all a bit too structured for my liking, if I’m being real with you, I appreciate my fun to be a little more freestyle. Last weekend we were all supposed to go kayaking, but I recommended edibles, board games, plus not going anywhere. What I didn’t tell them is that my vape pen was loaded with cannabis oil, so I was already real toasted, which constantly made these events better for me. It took a little internal debate, however finally most people decided to try it out plus have a cannabis edible, which in this case were marijuana candies. After that we played some board games, although once the cannabis edibles kicked in I actually lost track who was playing what with who! It was honestly the best time we’ve ever had on a couples night, and I hope that means cannabis edibles will be a part of the festivities going on. I have privately decided, however, that even if the group doesn’t want to keep doing them, I myself will be bringing cannabis edibles on every event for anyone else that wants to partake.


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I have to hide my smoking

I live in a very crowded apartment building, one that was supposed to be a temporary living situation. I moved in a few years ago, just to get my life together in a current neighborhood plus find a nice apartment to rent… Like I said, that was a few years ago, and yet here I am, still on the 12th floor, with a little balcony overlooking the parking lot. There is actually little that I like about this arena, other than these two. I am within walking distance of my job, so I don’t need a car. Number two is that I’m already here. I have been a proper cannabis smoker for years, but living in a place this densely packed is not a great arena to light up! CBD oil never did anything for me, if I’m being real with you. I was stoked when I finally discovered cannabis oil, which I could buy in unusual flavors plus scents. It’s odd having a vape pen with cannabis oil that is cannabis flavored, it’s like chewing grape gum as opposed to eating a grape. Nonetheless, while I like smoking cannabis to vaping the oil, this device leaves no lingering marijuana odors in the air… Every time my neighbors cook a gross meal, I can smell it in my apartment, which means that they can smell cannabis if I smoke it in here, but until I get a real house, I will have to stick with using the cannabis oil. On the bright side, the oils can contain much greater THC content than traditional pot smoking.

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Making the family night fun

My wife and I went to her brother’s apartment for a small party. It was just a few of us, having a good time and drinking wine plus just hanging out. I have known her brother Bob for a long time now. I like him well enough. We have constantly gotten along but we never made that connection that turns people into friends, you know what I mean? We were polite, exchanged hellos, however never actually knew each other. As the night wore down, my wife plus I were the last guests there, so I thought it was time to break out my cannabis edibles. I had enough for the group of us, plus offered a couple of the marijuana edibles to my wife’s brother. He said he had never taken cannabis that way before, plus hadn’t smoked pot in several years. I explained how the effects of an edible were more physical than smoking cannabis, the THC content of these chocolates was super high. If I’m going to have some mairjuana edibles, I want the THC content to be as high as possible, that’s just how I like it. He ended up splitting the difference and breaking one piece of chocolate in half, so he shared one cannabis edible. After a few glasses of wine, that THC infused piece of chocolate set me right. My brother in law was enjoying life, dancing, boozing and super happy that he got to try an edible.

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