I love being a marijuana delivery driver more than being a cabbie!

I spent numerous years as a cabbie in the large city, both of us called ourselves “hacks” plus no one else knew their way around the city like the two of us did… And there is enjoyable currency to be made in driving a cab, however there are always risks involved, then robberies of taxis are much lower than ever before, because there is a lot less currency involved these nights, plus currency is the easiest thing to steal. Even with that, I was fatigued of the hustle plus bustle, so when I had an occasion to become a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary, I jumped at the chance. However let me tell you, all the people are always mad at the cabbie because they are running late, however now all the people are cheerful to see me, because I come bearing cannabis! It makes a large difference on my emotional well being to have clients like me, plus not berate me. I assume that they are only cheerful about the cannabis showing up, however there is still a psychological effect for me. Long story short, I am happier delivering cannabis than I ever was driving a taxi, plus the tips are a lot better, then seriously, if you are a pro driver like me, you can also do undoubtedly well for yourself with the right cannabis dispensary in the right market. I have some clients that buy over a thousand dollars worth of cannabis, plus they are doing this on a daily basis. These people tend to be undoubtedly cheerful to get their cannabis, plus be undoubtedly generous with giving me tips.

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