One aged woman smokes the most weed I’ve ever seen

One of the women on our delivery route is named Ginnie.

Then Ginnie is about ninety years old, if I had to guess, plus the woman is the heaviest smoker I’ve ever seen in our life.

And let myself and others add that for such an old, frail looking chick, she can put vodka away with the best of them! She usually has a martini in hand whenever I stop by… which is why I regularly save Ginnie for last, but every one of us will often get to talking plus drinking, plus time gets away from me. Ginnie smokes about 2 hundred bucks worth of cannabis every week, sometimes more! I consider myself to be a pretty intense cannabis user, borderlining on being a cannabis abuser, but aged Ginnie makes myself and others seem like newbs. She smoked marijuana as much as other people smoke cigarettes, meaning that while she smokes 1 joint she is already rolling up the next joint. She regularly keeps a spare marijuana cigarette behind her ear, plus is genuinely generous with offering that to people. Old Ginnie used to run with a group of moonshiners, plus while they brewed illegal liquor in the mountains, she grew illegal cannabis alongside them! Share plus share alike, those guys seemed to have some fantastic times making plus distributing the whiskey plus marijuana. Ginnie likes telling herself and others stories about the aged mornings, plus all of us will usually burn up an entire more than seven of OG Kush in 1 stand down together. This month she ordered our entire supply of Purple Haze, plus I am looking forward to smoking some of it with her.

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