The expediency of cannabis delivery is to be admired

I entirely care about shopping online, whenever possible…

  • I am a bit of an introvert, so dealing with strangers face to face typically makes me a little nervous.

If I can do all my shopping in my living room instead of driving to a store, I am going to do that ten times out of ten! If anything, the quarantine offered me more possibilities than ever before for vigorous online shopping in addition to cabin delivery… Local places were better about having same day delivery, instead of putting things in the mail. The cannabis dispensary where I get all of my stuff was 1 of the first to switch over to a pandemic-friendly corporation model. If anything, it has improved my experience with this cannabis dispensary in particular. I am genuinely satisfied with their services, however they have basically digitized their entire “menu” of cannabis in addition to CBD products, making it genuinely easy to scroll through hundreds of strange items… Occasionally I get lost in the details, just reading about all these excotic strains of cannabis in addition to flavors of CBD oil… Some days they even have specials on edibles, however that is really the fortune of the draw because they sell out in hours. Just like with Amazon I have my card on file with the cannabis dispensary, so I can select my stuff in addition to order with a few clicks… Then coolest of all, they provide a timer on every order, so you have at least a rough method of when your cannabis will arrive. These cannabis delivery drivers are faster than hell, in addition to the wait time is usually just a couple of minutes.


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