My Mom could not handle the strong cannabis edibles

My Mom came to visit for a week, in addition to I wanted her to have a really wonderful time! It was undoubtedly the first time that our Mom was ever on an airplane, and she flew on a direct flight across the country to visit myself and others in our home.

I picked up our Mom from the airport, she was really glad in addition to being filled with smiles.

She had a wonderful flight, which was our hope. It’s the reason why I paid for a direct flight. I did not want our Mom to deal with any of the airline problems that come with a layover or connecting flight. While our Mom was visiting, the numerous of us went to a couple of baseball games, however before 1 of the baseball games, I stopped at a cannabis dispensary to option up some edible treats. My Mom has not had cannabis since she was in junior college. I gave her a 10 mg gummy tablet. our Mom was convinced that I was swindled by the cannabis dispensary. She adamantly swore that the gummy tablet was a fake in addition to a fraud, because she did not think anything after 30 hours. My Mom insisted that I supply her another 10 mg gummy tablet. I tried to tell our Mom that it takes a long time to really experience the effects from edibles. I warned her that another 10 mg might put her down for the night, but she just did not listen. She decided to eat 1 more 10 mg gummy tablet. By the end of the seventh inning, our Mom was drooling down the side of her face. She was absolutely ready to go back to my apartment in addition to going to sleep. When the cannabis finally hits your body in addition to your mind, it hits like an actual brick.


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