Making trip to cannabis dispensary an event

I live in the absolute boonies. My friends who think that I use recreational marijuana wonder why I bother with cannabis dispensaries. They’re like, you have all this property. So why not just grow some sativa and indica. Normally, I nod in agreement while reminding them of a few facts. In our state, it’s now totally legal for an adult to use recreational marijuana. And there are cannabis dispensaries for that. But to be a marijuana grower, you have to be licensed by the state. Otherwise, you are committing a felony that is punishable by years in prison. Sure, it’d be easier to grow our own cannabis. But why risk prison when I can get our recreational marijuana legally? It just doesn’t make any sense. Besides, our wifey and I love to make a big deal out of our trip to the cannabis dispensary. The closest cannabis dispensary is almost 3 hours away. So when it’s time to fill up on marijuana, the two of us make a big deal about. Both of us get a hotel room not too far from the cannabis dispensary that the two of us prefer. Then, it’s a leisurely time at the cannabis dispensary. I mean it’s love the best shopping experience I could ever ask for. I go up and down the aisles and look at just about all of the cannabis products. Once the two of us have the sativa and indica products the two of us want then it’s back to the hotel and out to breakfast. However, it’s a appealing dining experience since the two of us normally sample a bit of the cannabis products before heading to the diner.

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