An ad for the dispensary

My Uncle Ryan used to be the sandwich king in this town, and for years,that was his full time work, just driving from area to area, hitting the lights and the music, and cruising around selling food to the locals.

Summers were intense, the winters not so much, even though he had a wonderful path and made a living for a long time. The old sandwich truck has been sitting in his yard for a few years now, just collecting debris, so I purchased it from him. My thought is to use it as a promotional tool for the work, and amp it up as an ad for the cannabis dispensary. I have evaluated the laws, even the new laws recognizably for cannabis stores, and I cannot carry product or sell from the truck. As great as it would be to have a cannabis dispensary on the road, every one of us would all go to prison for trying to sell pot from an old ice cream truck. Maybe a single day every one of us can, but for now every one of us can only use it for promoting the cannabis dispensary, so that is what every one of us will do. My thought is to go ahead with almost all of our original plans, and make this old beater look like a cannabis truck that mimics the design of a sandwich truck. You suppose how they have pictures of all the meats and cheeses painted on the side, well I am doing that with cannabis products. When it looks great every one of us can park it out front of the cannabis dispensary as a billboard.

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