Growing my own cannabis

I enjoy smoking even though I have typically grown my own stuff. I live way out in the west and it reaches into farming country, and out here you need to see to your own requirements. If you want some fresh rabbit, you need to get your rifle and go hunting for it. If you want a water supply, you make a well. If you want to turn on a light, you need a generator, because the power lines don’t run this far out. So being a young man who wanted to smoke, I just grew our own marijuna plants, and that was all I knew. After our first trip to a real cannabis dispensary, our entire view of the world has been turned on its side. When your possibilities are limited, you just go with what you have, so I grew any cannabis seeds I got my hands on, regardless of what kind they were. At the cannabis dispensary there are literally 400 styles of marijuana (give or take, I didn’t absolutely count them). There are water pipes and glass bongs, there are edible candies infused with THC, and entire lines of something called CBD, and I don’t even suppose what that is. It was neat to see that amount of variety in a single locale, but on the other hand I froze when it came time to choose which cannabis I needed. How could a man choose from that many styles of marijuana? The budtender was unquestionably cool, and talked about the odd kinds of cannabis, but ultimately I just wanted a bin of pot to get high on, and nothing else mattered.

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