My tolerance is so high I should quit for weeks

The state where I live in produced medical marijuana several years previously and the limit of products was extremely low.

  • We wanted to see concentrates, flower products, and also Edibles.

Unfortunately, the stores were limited to selling marijuana capsules, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridge products. I decided to purchase a vaporizer cartridge and battery and I have been filling those cartridges with distillate oil syringes. The distillate syringes are extremely high and THC. They do seem to lack natural plant terpenes. Natural cannabis-derived terpenes are flavorful and filled with nutrients that have a lot of health effects. These terpenes have a unique chemical structure and the cannabinoids present help contribute to the overall effect and usefulness of the marijuana product. For a long time I stuck with only live resin products because they were flavorful and also packed with terpenes. As soon as you open the jar of concentrate, you can smell the natural plant terpenes and you don’t smell chemical solvents. As soon as the Cannabis sativa plant is split directly from the stock, the grower freezes it quickly and then the natural oils can be removed without using chemicals. The full price per gram is very expensive, but these products have the highest amount of THC and natural terpenes. My tolerance is very high from using these eighty or ninety percent products and it wouldn’t hurt to quit for a couple of weeks so I can have some type of feeling from getting high. Too bad I need the medical benefits more than the head high feeling.